Clean Lab Recycling

Recycling is important to scientists of all disciplines. Barriers to the successful lab recycling program include set up, perception and cost. Venture Forward has recently started a clean lab plastics recycling program for those plastics that would generally go into dumpster trash. Sleek, space conscious containers capture plastics such as pipette boxes or media bottles, which have no contamination but are perceived as lab trash. Venture Forward can work with the Company to either pick up on a regular basis or on call as needed. Additionally, Venture Forward is launching programs for bulky styrofoam boxes and recyclable metals (i.e. expired equipment such as autoclaves or centrifuges).

Recycling appears more expensive than using a dumpster. In large buildings, where dumpsters are provided by the landlord to multiple users, those costs are divided amongst the tenants and come back to the Company as shared overhead. In small companies that have their own dumpsters, they must turn them over on a more regular basis, incurring increased costs. In both scenarios – the dumpster route does cost less but does not feel green. 

For clean lab recycling services please contact:



Kyle Abbott


Phone: 508-380-3915




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