Move Coordination

Venture Forward Partners will plan and execute the Company move. All equipment will be accounted for using the existing equipment list, or a new equipment list will be generated if needed. Future purchases will be considered when working with Science to place equipment on floor plan. Once Venture Forward has the vision, we will come into the field and physically code each piece of equipment for placement at the new location.

Of the many facets to consider during a laboratory move, Venture Forward can negotiate new and coordinate existing relationships, in behalf of the Company. Using our extensive network, Venture Forward can bring together Move Teams, Information Technology, Hazardous Waste and Pest Control Management, Recycling and Decontamination programs. Once these services are set up, Venture Forward Partners will conduct a “Coordination Meeting” to include all move specialties as well as the full Company staff – so that all questions can be answered in advance of moving day.


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