Permitting & Safety

The establishment of effective safety policies and procedures is a top priority.  We work closely with an seasoned team of safety experts who have had extensive experience in comprehensive safety programs which, when implemented, provide not only a safe workplace, but an effective risk management tool for the Company. We will also provide specific assistance in obtaining required permits and licenses as well as securing the services of appropriate disposal companies for chemicals, biologicals and radioisotopes. 

A complete laboratory safety program in a flexible format will support the Company’s growth.  It is our business model to bring the Company into full compliance, while teaching them to self manage. This is important to the startup company, as it ensures “ownership” for the new safety programs, and delays the necessity of hiring additional personnel to manage these programs.

For the operational Company who is relocating, Venture Forward will assist and/or advise them  in changing over existing permits, updating / customizing  existing programs and applying for new permits where required.


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