At Venture Forward Partners we make our Client's jobs easier.
Here are some recent testimonials

Richard W. Wagner Ph.D., President, X-CHEM, Inc.

"I've worked with Venture Forward on new biotechnology ventures for 15 years. Venture Forward brings a contagious energy to early stage start-ups. They think of minute details and the big picture. Venture Forward are THE people to turn to in order to get a biotech company launched. With style."

Jeffrey Troderman, CPA Principal, Malley & Franey Financial Group, Inc.

“I worked with Venture Forward most recently on two bio-tech start-ups that were going through a period of explosive growth.  In each situation, Venture Forward was able to get the lab up and running very quickly, set up a benefits program for new employees and in general create an environment where teamwork was exemplified.  As the company grew from start-up to early stage, we worked together to set up; policies and procedures, internal controls and purchasing software. 

Venture Forward made my life as a CFO much easier as I knew that the basic controls and procedures were put in place which allowed me to focus my efforts on being a financial partner to our CEO. I would highly recommend Venture Forward to any start-up where someone is needed to hit the ground running, get the job done quickly and accurately.”

Glen Batchelder, President and CEO, Civitas Theraputics

“Venture Forward Partners were instrumental in successfully launching both Civitas Therapeutics and my previous company BIND Biosciences.  In every biotech start-up there are an enormous set of operational, logistical and finance issues that need to be addressed in parallel just as you begin to drive the business strategy. Venture Forward is able to bring proven approaches and established relationships to rapidly get everything from the permits secured, to the phones working, to the IT infrastructure set, to the basic employee benefits in place and a million other little things you would never think about but are critical to a successful running start.  This has allowed me to focus on building the team and executing the strategy with complete confidence the operational foundation is being put in place by a seasoned pro. As the foundation sets, she and her team seamlessly transition out and on to their next successful biotech launch.”

Harry W. Orf, Ph.D. Vice President for Scientific Operations and Professor of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute, Scripps Florida

“Pat recently launched Venture Forward Partners - South in Florida. For the past 20 years, she was instrumental in starting up over 100 biotech firms in the Boston area, getting all aspects of operations and regulatory components started.  When working with my consulting firm in Cambridge, she was the pivotal person in bringing the Science Hotel at Cambridge into operation.”

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